FRS is proud to offer Equine Canada Rider Level Testing.

While the program is not mandatory for students, we encourage those of you who are interested to register. The program is a great way to test your riding ability and horsemanship knowledge in a structured format.

Level 1

Beginner riders will learn how to catch, halter and lead a horse. They will gain experience tacking and grooming their mount and barn safety.

In the arena they will learn to trot on the correct diagonal, ride a 20 meter circle and go over ground poles.  Before passing to level 2 they will know the parts of a horse, bride, saddle, artificial and natural aids.

Level 2

Riders will be introduced to cantering and they learn to identify walk, trot and canter leg sequences. As their confidence grows they will be able to trot without stirrups and practice figures at all paces.

Before passing to level 3, riders will know how to tie a slip knot, identify items in a grooming kit and understand basic feeding.

Level 3

At this level riders will jump a cross rail, learn how to change leads through the trot and striding. Their stable knowledge will include hoof care, how to assemble a bridle, clean tack, blanketing and stable construction.

Level 4

The intermediate rider will recognize straightness and shape. They will learn to trot and canter a 15m circle. Their accomplishments will include cantering a course of cross rails and vertical jumps.

In the stable they will learn how to lay a mane, measure a horse,  and where feed bins are placed. Common vaccines and bandaging will also be taught. Riders will learn to identify leg markings and a variety of bits. 


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