Horse Shows are temporarily suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic

FRS’ location at Pause Awhile Equestrian Centre (PAEC) gives our students the opportunity to show off their skills at in-house schooling shows. 

PAEC offers several division and class options, both on the flat and over fences.

Div 1: Beginner Adult 18+

1A walk, trot Equitation
1B walk, trot, canter Equitation
1C Cross rail course (4 jumps) Trot or canter

Division 2: Beginner Walk, Trot

2A walk, trot Equitation
2B walk, trot, Equitation + 1 jump
2C Cross rail course (4 jumps)

Division 3: Novice (W/T/C)

3A Equitation Under saddle
3B Equitation cross rail
3C Equitation Over fences
(4 cross rail, 2 vertical jumps)

Division 4: 2’0” Intermediate

4A Unjudged Schooling, (No coaching)
4B Equitation Over Fences
4C Equitation Over Fences, (course change)
4D Hunter Equitation Under Saddle

Division 5: 2’3” Advanced Schooling

5A Unjudged Schooling, (No coaching)
5B Hunter Over Fences
5C Equitation Over Fences
(course change),
5D Hunter Hack

Division 6: 2’6-2’9 Lo/Hi Hunter

6A Unjudged Schooling, (No coaching)
6B Hunter Over Fences
6C Equitation Over Fences, (course change)
6D Hunter Hack


Hack: Shows the versatility of a horse or pony on the flat.
Equitation:  The rider’s position, seat, and aids are judged.
Equitation Under Saddle: the rider is judged “on the flat,” meaning jumping is not involved.
Equitation Over Fences: the rider is judged over a course of jumps.
Open Schooling: Rider has 1 trip in arena with Coach assistance

Attire: Black or brown boots, black or beige riding breeches with belt or solid colored yoga style tights, white polo shirt with well fitted solid, dark colored sweater or tidy coat. No hoodies, No logos,

FRS Rider Fees

Horse Rental: 1 riding lesson payable to FRS

Class Fees: etransfer to or pay with cash, debit or credit card on day of show.

Class Price: $20.00 per class, $25 for open schooling

Day of Entry (late fee) $20.00

Number Deposit: $5.00 (Refunded after return)

ASTM head gear must be worn at all time while mounted.

Show committee reserves the right to cancel or split classes.

$25 fee for all returned cheques.


Show Rules

Division 2 riders must be under 18 years of age and may not cross enter horse/rider combination to other divisions.

Division 2: Rider needs to move to Division 3 if Champion or Reserve

Division 3: Rider/Horse combination needs to move to Division 4 if Champion or Reserve

Show times: Division 1 starts at 9:00 am with subsequent classes thereafter.

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